The Ripple Effect of Self-Care | GlowySkin

The Ripple Effect of Self-Care | GlowySkin

The Ripple Effect of Self-Care | GlowySkin

Nov 12, 2020

Our modern life has become a non-stop rat race.

More stress, more work, more responsibility as well as less time, less love, and definitely less inner peace.

As a consequence it has become easier to disregard our feelings and emotions and forget to connect with our inner selves.

This leads to one big and fundamental problem:

If you don’t take of yourself, you can’t present your best self into the world.

If you were alone on this planet, this problem would be irrelevant.

In reality, you as an individual have a great impact on everyone around you.

More impact that you can imagine.

It is has gotten easy to forget this nowadays.

We are stuck in our own thoughts and routines, that we forget this crucial simple truth.

If you think about it, every interaction you have with another human being, changes her or him in some way.

And remember:

You know about 1000 people and each one of those 1000 people know 1000 other people. This means that you are two people away from a million people and three people away from a billion! Simply put.. Your actions matter. And how you present yourself in this world, Matters!

Show love and others will follow.

Show hate and others will get have an excuse to show it too.

Show strength and others will have hope.

It’s your choice.

And don’t forget…

If you can’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of others.

So take care of yourself. The sooner the better. And yes, even brushing your teeth, making your bed,

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